Appreciate Life

Usually when you go outdoors and look up, you see the sky. On a cloudy day for example, you see a gray-looking sky, with dense clouds; and on a beautiful clear day, you see the sunshine with white, fluffy, cotton-ball-looking clouds. But, when you look up at the sky, what do you think about? Do you think about appreciating life?

Think about what makes you happy. Now, think about what it would be like if those things were taken away from you. This is what all of the aborted babies have experienced. For several decades, they have not been given the opportunity to look at the sky and see the beautiful clouds and sunshine; nor have they been granted the opportunity to become the next housewife, lawyer, teacher, etc. It’s time to start appreciating life.

To appreciate life is to value it. When you value life, good things happen; and therefore, you should be motivated to encourage others to do the same. When you encourage others to value life, there will most likely be a change for the better. Let others know that there is more to life than frivolous desires and the accumulation of material things. Equally important, remind others that when they value life, they also value the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable of society: children. Therefore, when you interact with friends or family about life issues, make it a point remind them of this reality; and hopefully there’ll be better days ahead for you, for them, for children, for society and for the world.

Appreciate life.

Marketing for Life

People who are skilled at marketing often know how to effectively promote a business. Once their business gets the desired attention, their potential customers increase; and so do their sales.

For example, the major pharmaceutical, fast food, and clothing companies and their affiliated businesses have mastered the art of marketing. From my observation, these companies have a clever way of drawing its audience and building customers and revenue. However, these companies often target those who are either misinformed or uninformed. In addition, the tactics used to promote their businesses and products, often do the opposite of cultivating healthy life values: they often bombard us with various ways to overindulge, overspend, and be unhealthy.

However, this can be fixed. My suggestion: people who have skills in media and communication, business, photography, and filmography, for example, can be a major asset in marketing for life. We need it. The world needs it. People who have these skills can come out in record numbers and create more billboards, commercials, photos, television programs that promote pro-life messages.

If there is someone that you know among your family, friends, or co-workers–if you are bold enough–that has the skills I’ve listed above, then maybe you can encourage them to find ways to creatively and positively market-for-life. Creativity doesn’t always have to be lucrative; but it can be spiritually lucrative, especially when it values human life and helps others do the same.

Men and Life

Men play an important and unique role in life. Naturally, men have an instinct to protect and show strength. However, these natural abilities are often labeled with the phrase, “toxic masculinity.”

One has to wonder why this phrase has become mainstream? To consider a man’s willingness to be protective and strong as “toxic” creates a serious dilemma and can have negative results. For example, men will most likely be at risk of second-guessing what role they should play in life in general, and with women in particular.

It’s for this reason that men may also hesitate to have children; or when they do have children, they have a higher chance of becoming fearful of responsibility. Moreover, when faced with a pregnancy, more men tend to go-along-to-get-along, in that they more than likely will allow women and others to have sole influence on decisions that can be contrary to preserving life.

In summary, men have an important role: they too, can actively participate in preserving life. They can do this by being the natural protectors of children from the moment of conception; in addition, men can show their strength by consistently taking their responsibilities seriously. Hopefully, with the active, positive participation of men, the negative debating and unhealthy relationships between men and women can heal, especially for the sake of preserving the life of children today.

Women and Life

Women have a unique gift: they can carry another human being in their bodies. Most know that there is something miraculous about this. Additionally, women are nurturers. For example, women can, on instinct, emotionally embrace another person when that person may be sad or hurting.

However, in today’s society, these natural abilities are gradually regarded as a “burden;” and the desire to have children, for example, has dramatically dwindled. As a result, children have become the focal point of debate: Should a woman have a child, when should a woman have a child, and should a woman keep her child?

Even though this topic seems to generate a lot of negative emotion among people, it can be discussed in a more basic way: women exist only because another woman–their mother– made the decision to be open to life. This reality cannot be ignored.

All in all, women can embrace life. Life is a gift and it can be filled with beautiful and wonderful things. Therefore, if more and more women begin to embrace their natural gift of carrying human life in their bodies, in addition to having a nurturing spirit, more heads will turn towards life, than turn away from it. Hopefully, with time, this sentiment can return to society and also to the world.

Y b prolife?

The simplest answer: look at yourself in the mirror. Being prolife is to acknowledge your own existence first and know that you are valued, loved, and blessed. Equally important, you can help others look at themselves in the mirror and see that they too, are valued, loved, and blessed.

However, let’s not forget about the babies. They too, are valued, loved, and blessed; and as people, we must always make it a point to remember and cherish this. We must encourage one another to embrace the gift of pregnancy and the anticipation of birth.

Why be prolife? Because it makes sense. So many of us have varied responsibilities in this life; and we are able to exist to accomplish them. Therefore, try your best to share with family and friends that life is a precious gift that should be filled with beauty and positive things. Also, for those of you who have children, or are anticipating the birth of a child, continue to embrace this gift; and tell your children that they have value and are worthy of respect.

Make Life Count…

In today’s world, there is continuous discussion about when life begins. Life begins the moment a woman becomes pregnant. Even though there may be people who disagree with this, it is a fact; which is why when most women find out that they’re pregnant, there’s often a major celebration.

For example, anyone who watches couples-vlogs on the Internet, is familiar with pregnancy announcement videos. There’s often an appreciation and realization that life is a miraculous gift; and that one day babies will become toddlers, toddlers will become teenagers, and teenagers will eventually become adults.

Everyone’s life counts; even a baby in its mother’s womb. Here’s a gentle suggestion: When you are of the age that you can articulate yourself through writing, why not find ways to highlight why life can be beautiful? Why not emphasize the reality that everyone who is able to exist has the opportunity to make life count on some level?

Make life count. The most effective way to do this is to first acknowledge that you are alive. Then, help others appreciate life and appreciate their ability to make their own lives and the lives of even more people count too.

Celebrate Life…

Welcome to ybprolife! Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating life. I hope that this blog can help you answer the question: “Ybprolife?”

When you wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday,’ you are celebrating that person’s birth–that person’s welcoming into the world.

Nowadays, most people tend to celebrate birthdays both privately and publicly. Why then, is there so much debate over whether life is important? From the moment a human being is created in a woman’s body to the moment that same human being is born to the world, there is a celebration of life (i.e., baby showers, gifts, parties, pictures, etc.).

Therefore, the next time you wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday,’ or someone wishes you a ‘Happy Birthday,” think about the reality that life is a gift.

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